27th April , 2016

Learning Vim Part 1 - why I started learning

I've decided to learn Vim and this is why:


I've realised that I'm getting RSI from using the mouse too much and it hurts quite a lot, so in an effort to stop relying on the mouse/trackpad so much I've decided I'm going to learn Vim. Hopefully this way I'll be able to use the keyboard more, which is naturally more ergonomic than the mouse or trackpad.


Everyone that has programming for a while knows the power of Vim. Just with a handful of key strokes you can do so much more than you could with normal keyboard shortcuts or a mouse. It's a kind of language that allows you to combine shortcuts to create an unlimited amount of commands that allow you to navigate text without a mouse. The power comes with a price though, knowing the language of vim takes time and effort and it's why I've never been able to succeed before.


When you SSH into a server you'll have to use one of the default text editors on there and Vim is one of them. I actually choose to use Vim when I'm on the server, but this is reduced to editing config files and i type type type, esc :qw suffices for my uses. If you have your own VPS server that you use for your blog or side projects and you're not a vim user, you know what I mean.

The mouse is an unnecessary abstraction

The mouse was built to navigate graphic user interfaces. As a coder, we're not really working in a GUI most of the time - so why use something that wasn't designed for this particular task. I'm not breaking up with my mouse, but I'm open to the idea of using the right tool for the right task.

How I'm going to learn