26th April , 2017

Goals for 2017

In an effect to get myself back into blogging again, I'm going to do a short post on my goals for 2017.

  • Climb a V10 route on the moonboard

  • Build a hobby app in React Native

  • Finish the two Udemy courses I bought on React Native

  • Build a Dapp in Solidity and front-end tech

  • Keep up writing my blog at least once a month

  • Finish the intro to AI course on Udacity

Constantly improving and making my life more and more awesome is important to me and by writing my goals out here in public I hope to motivate myself to work harder at each one. There are no lofty goals, just realistic goals that I hope to work hard towards and hopefully surpass before the year is out. To 2017, another year of learning.