20th October , 2013

Give yourself no excuse for laziness

IMG_1194 It's been over a month since I've started my travels around Asia and I'm currently in Hong Kong. I've had a lot of fun so far and learnt a lot of things. However one of things that I've realised is happening is that I'm losing some of the habits I've built in London. I was constantly learning Chinese, doing exercise, learning things in my industry and that all fell away when I was on holiday with my friends. Now that I'm officially travelling on my own I'm trying to build them back up again starting with regular blog posts. I've begun looking for language exchange partners again and will begin an exercise routine again. These things were important to me in London, and I've realised they are still important to me now.

One thing I realised about most of these habits is that they can be done anywhere. One of the reasons I started doing calisthenics is that is largely location independent and I can do most of the exercises without any equipment. This way I can't use the excuse of no gym to break the habit. The same thing with Chinese, I learnt mostly on my own. I have a teacher that I use over Skype and that means I can learn anywhere, anytime. I can't say "I'm not in London where my teacher is and therefore I can't practise". There's no excuse for laziness. I think that's important for good habits. You have to give yourself as few excuses for laziness and procrastination as possible. Limit the variables.

I want to prove to myself that good habits, good routines can also be developed whilst travelling. The lack of a constant location and constant routine doesn't help things, but if I can build habits whilst I'm travelling, then doing them when I settle somewhere should be a piece of cake. Here's to not procrastinating. Here's to conquering yourself.

Good habits should be location independent. Good habits should happen regularly no matter the situation. Good habits don't grow from trees, they need to be cultivated and nurtured. And lastly to keep up good habits, you need to make yourself accountable.