4th June , 2014

App development. Innovation over invention

It's hard to invent anything new these days. Everything we do seems to have an app that does it for us. At the same time though most of these apps don't do a great job, and we find ourselves yearning for an app that feels just right. But it doesn't and must apps have more than a few things that gripe at us daily. There's not much left to 'invent' that isn't already out there, but for every great app there are 99 that suck.

With the mobile market and web app market maturing, there's a new gold rush blooming for innovating on the thousands upon thousands of mediocre apps. It's a new gold rush. A new gold rush for app developers to put their thinking caps on and decide 'what can i innovate?'

And that's what I want to do right now. Everyday I think to myself - what can I innovate? And the answer is all around me. Any app I feel that doesn't do the job well is a possible project. Any problem that I feel hasn't been solved in its entirety, is another project. There are still a plethora of problems that need to be solved properly. And I'm going to solve a few those before I die.

If you have a project you're really passionate about, those are the problems you should be solving, because you'll be solving problems that mean something to you. And if it means something to you, you'll solve it better than everyone else.